Welcome to the presentation autobahn!

She is 90mph fun! Ok, she went 154 mph on this Nascar ride – but, you can energize your organization with the same excitement. (We won’t mention how fast she drove on the German autobahn.) She is a “from the trenches” storyteller. She is the “!” in Jane!

Jane brings together learning and laughter to help organizations gain new focus and direction through effective communications. If you’re looking to spice up your conference, annual meeting, staff retreat or training, Jane has the dash of energy, humor and appeal to make it an experience where everyone comes away feeling refreshed and positive. The use of humorous anecdotes and stories makes the learning easy and productive. She has presented at schools, nonprofit organizations, business association workshops and professional conferences. Your audience will reap the benefits of her experience and take home useable tips & tricks of the trade.


Shipshewana Retail Merchants Association
PRSA Puget Sound Chapter
PRSA Tulsa Chapter
Sheraton Denver West – Management Team
National Hearing Conservation Association
South Metro Denver Chamber
Colorado State Library – Power Libraries Board of Directors
PRSA Colorado Chapter – Engage ’08 Event
Colorado Library Consortium
Fort Morgan Public Library
East Morgan County Library District
Weld County Library District
City of Lafayette
Pediatric Nurse Leadership Group, Annual Conference
JVA Consulting, Staff Training
Envision Water, Media Training
Metro Denver Black Church Initiative, Strategic Planning Training
Public Relations Society of America, National Conference
Colorado Dental Hygiene Association, Annual Conference
Colorado Foundation for Families & Children, Staff and Board Retreats
Colorado Home Builders Association, Annual Meeting
Project Management Institute, Media Training
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, Staff Training
Mesa State University, Spring Workshop
Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Staff Retreat

Communications & Media Training Programs

“Talk is Cheap, Messages Are Magic”
Focus, direction and design. These are the elements that can help an organization or business stay on the track to success. Communication is a key function in any business whether internal or external. As the transfer of information becomes more rapid with the internet, cellular to mobile phones, and communication systems having a clear plan is critical.

Board Trainings
Let Jane take your board leadership to the next level with trainings tailored to your organization and needs. Make strategic planning easy or learn how to leverage your board relationships. Tips for decision making, recruitment, effective meetings and advocacy that will help your board be cohesive, efficient and focused.

“There’s A Butterfly in Every Cocoon”
Like a butterfly fresh from its cocoon spread your wings and let the colors fly during this seminar! There is a skill to opening up your thought process to let new ideas, innovative concepts and creative approaches take over. Learn how creative thinking can enhance your problem solving and encourage team work.


“Be the Zest You Can Be”
This jam-packed keynote will boost your audience’s energy with activity and laughter while they get their energy channeled in a positive direction. You’ll learn how to channel your mental, emotional and physical energy to reduce stress, increase productivity, boost morale and achieve your goals. Jane brings her zest for life and shares how you can handle two dogs, three kids, one husband, have a career, be a parent and do it with endless energy!

Get a team of Pros with the “J Team”

Jane provides a number of communication workshops with a fellow PR pro, Jerry Brown, APR, that are centered on generating media coverage and expanding public awareness of your organization or business. Tap into any one of these workshops for your management team, staff or volunteer corps. And, you can always access their media training tips by clicking here.

Turning “Nothing” into News
It’s National Fill-In-The-Blank Month and nobody cares except your boss who expects you to get it on the front page and the evening news. No sweat! Jane and Jerry will show you how to turn the mundane into news. Learn about Jane’s “Thematic Planning” approach to making news and Jerry’s “Refrigerator-Magnet Test.” You can count on surefire tips for turning almost any story – even mundane ones – into news.

Leave Me Alone, I’m Having a Crisis
Why is it that when reporters call they often want to talk about things you don’t? If you don’t have a good crisis communications plan, you have a disaster waiting to happen. Jerry and Jane have been through more than their share of crises and have the battle scars to prove it. You’ll learn what to do before, during and after a crisis to protect your organization’s hard-earned reputation.

Headliners, Not Trash Liners
Most news releases end up in the trash because they’re boring and too self-serving. Jane and Jerry will show you how to punch up your news releases so they become headliners, not trash liners. Learn how to take advantage of some of your best story opportunities – the ones you pitch to reporters without a news release.

Remember Your Media Miranda Rights
Interviews are the most powerful – and dangerous – tool you have for telling your story to the media. Jerry and Jane will teach you three rules all reporters have for interviews. Learn when to talk and when not to talk to reporters. Know the tricks reporters use to get you to say things you shouldn’t (and how to avoid falling for them) and how to increase the chances of getting your messages used in the story that gets written after the interview.