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I love my work. I have a fulfilling career. I get to work with great clients. I mentor aspiring PR pros and I only have a 13-stair commute! Who can complain about that?

I'm a strategist, a connector, industry leader, a storyteller and I couldn’t be happier with my 30+ years in business! But what I love best is to Laugh Often, a motto, that spurs creativity, innovation and problem solving for my clients. This is the spot for powerful, innovative public relations, marketing and integrated communications that generates business results with energy, creativity and impact.

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COVID-19 - PR is Calm in Storm

There is no time like the present for PR professionals and communicators to shine. This is our chance to showcase our leadership skills by helping organizations navigate the pandemic crisis. Here are my 3 tips to start that process as this multi-crisis continues to evolve.

BLOG - COVID-19 - PR is Eye of Storm